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To expand AI fueled cross channel marketing tool Blueshift announces $15M series B

Blueshift company’s co-founder and CEO Vijay Chittoor says that the marketing landscape is changing nowadays and he believes that to allow marketers to take advantage of the multiple channels where they could be engaging with customers from a single tool.

Blueshift company is a startup founded by tech industry veterans. Actually, the main motto before this is that they want to solve the issue about the difficulties that cross channel marketers face. Today the startup announced a $15M series B round to keep it going.

The round was led by Softbank ventures Asia, a fund focused on AI startups like Blueshifts. According to the company, Today investment brings the total raised to $30 million. A few years ago, the world of customers engagement at Walmart or Groupon, there was a primary email problem. But nowadays, we as a customer directly interact with the brands, companies through Mobile phones notifications etc.

Startups are attracting huge chunks of money to attack this problem, including Klayvio pulling in $150 million a couple of weeks ago and integrable, which landed $50 million last month.

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