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IOS 13 Dark Mode and all other Feature List

IOS 13 announced – Every Important Detail For You.

This autumn, brace yourselves for the launch of remarkable IOS 13 with its exceptional features announced during Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference. The new package presents you with:-

1.) The Dark Mode
2.) The Swipe Keyboard
3.) New tools for Photographs
4.) The New Find My.
5.) Sign in with Apple
6.) The New Siri
7.) Memoji avatars new capabilities.

This new and improved processor again ensued the unsaid battle between Android OS and IOS for the popular and easy to use the title. Apple has time and again established its superiority by introducing features like Facetime and iMessage. And the tussle to win another pedestal will begin this fall.
The specifications of each feature are provided by us.

1.) The Dark Mode.

The exceptions are yet to be confirmed but this new feature will provide a dark screen for IOS 13 core apps such as photos music player and calendar. This mode is rumoured to be available in Android Q too

2.) The Swipe Keyboard.

The much-anticipated gliding through your keyboard feature that Android users enjoy is to be rewarded to IOS users as well. Apple’s QuickPath Typing. The spell check feature works as usual. One hand typing is accustomed to being easy through this feature.

3.) New tools for photos.

Another much-awaited feature provided in the new photos tab is deleting duplicate photos. The portrait lighting feature has upgraded to be able to modify the intensity & location of the light. Highlighting your favourite pictures is another perk added. With new video filters and effects, this new upgrade brings you to ease to rotate your videos in the editing section. Adjusting pictures with dragging fingers on your screen is another perk added.

The last but not the least up gradation is now your photo albums will be organized by year, month and dates. Finding that shot is now easier and your videos will play as you scroll.

4.) The New Find My.

Using the Bluetooth beacon, finding your phone is aided. But the real catch is, Apple has finally combined Find My Phone and Find My Friend into a single app called Find My. This encrypted tool will help with resisting reboots by phone thieves.

5.) Sign in with Apple

Apple has amazed us yet again with this exceptional privacy feature that not only enables you to create a random email for unwilling websites but also provides a Face ID for authentication. Your iPhone or iPad will authenticate your logic without having to add your email to Facebook and Google.

Also, location tracer through Bluetooth or WiFi is blocked and lets you choose to give away your location.

6.) The New Siri

Our beloved Siri has received an upgrade too with smoother voice modulation and lesser gaps. AirPods, Sarari and HomePod are all accounted to it.

7.) Memoji Avatars New Capabilities

Memojis are now availed to your messaging. With a sticker pack and brand new customizations, your new memoji can now express in your iMessages. It is rumoured to have additional features of makeup.
iMessages is also improved to work on Dual Sim Mobiles.


Maps: Apple carplay will now let you tag your favourite places. The 3D views add to more comfort in driving and searching places.
Smart lists: The supposed person will be tagged and notified for the particular task chosen.
Calendar: Events can now have further attachments.
Music: Provides Time-synced lyrics.
Apps launch 2x Faster.

Release Date

We don’t know the exact date, We can guess that the Apple iOS 13 release date will coincide with the launch of the next iPhones in mid-September event.

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