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In 2021 U.S. will get the world’s first Exascale Computer

From the last several years, the whole power of the world has been looked in supercomputing arms. According to a report, the supercomputer is coming to the united state in 2021 and will be the first to break the ‘exascale’ barrier.

Functions of supercomputers-

Supercomputers measure the performance in flops or calculation per second. Like if a computer has ten flops then it can make ten calculations per second, which is quite difficult for any normal computer.

The top-performing supercomputers in the world are the Summit computer at oak ridge national laboratory. That computer reaches 150 petaflops, several thousand times as much processing power as a typical laptop. Also, the big target right now is to build the first exascale computer, capable of a quintillion calculations per second. Such a computer would be a million times faster than a typical desktop and could dramatically advance scientific and artificial intelligence search.

According to an announcement, the first exascale computer is finally coming. Thanks to $500 million from the DoE, a1 exaflop computer named aurora will be built at Argonne national laboratory. The computer will be built using architecture and technology from Intel.

Aurora and the next level generation of exascale supercomputers will apply [high-performance computing]. The innovative advancements that will be made with exascale will have an incredibly significant impact on our society.

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