Want to raise funding for your startup? Effectus 2019 is here.

If you are a budding entrepreneur who has just started and want to take your startup to the next level, then Effectus 2019 is the right platform for you. This event is going to held in Chandigarh University under their start-up cell “Technical Business Incubator” on, the entry fee for registration is Rs. 1000 and the winning amount for any startup idea is Rs. 5,00,000, well this is a good amount of money that no one would like to miss.

As stated by the head of the media department of effects 2019 – “Effectus-
As the name suggests it’s meaning “EFFECTS-US”.
The existence of The Effectus has been a blessing for Young Entrepreneurs for a long time.

This E-Summit fair comes every year with a plethora of opportunities for those who wish to change the world with their ideas. Also, this year Effects offers a huge cash price of Rs. 5,00,000 for the winners which are by far the highest cash prize in any E-Summit.

Anyone can own idea but to make an idea work you need Investors, Team, Money, Guiding’s, Motivation and The EFFECTUS-2019 promises to provide all the above and help the young dreams come true.

“It’s was not very easy when I started Facebook, We had no help,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and we believe that most of the face such issues and we are the bridge that won’t fall.
Here, We ask every one of you to think of your ideas as the sword and let’s use this Sword for the betterment of everyone.”

So, yes entrepreneurs it is our opportunity to win the cash prize and make our startup reach the unimaginable heights.

Register Online: http://effectus.cuchd.in/

Contact to Effectus Team.

  1. Akash 8146577070
  2. Aman 8847298374
  3. Farhan 8708381608
  4. Hritik 9878029405

Otherwise Mail on

[email protected]

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