Rise of Entrepreneurship in India -(COVID 19 crisis Impacts)


We all have heard About the term Entrepreneurship once in a life. But a little know about the real meaning of Entrepreneurship. It is the art of starting a Startup Company or a business that provides services, sells creative products. Mainly an entrepreneur is a creator that develops new ideas and business processes according to the market needs. To become a successful entrepreneur you have the skills of managing and building a team. Also maybe you have seen a lot of entrepreneurs that are posting motivating content on social media. Motivation also plays an important role in an entrepreneur’s life. Because everyone says that you should have to follow your passion, but no one tells about the hurdles that come in following the passion. As to become an entrepreneur you have to learn skills and be patient to achieve success. So Motivation plays an important role in an Entrepreneur’s life.

The rise of Entrepreneurship during the crisis-

Pandemic time brings a boom in the no. of entrepreneurs in the world. The number of new companies in this pandemic time is significantly increased from past years as many peoples had lost their jobs and they started their own startups. Many startups which are registered as new in this pandemic time are mostly trying to respond to fulfill the needs of people in different fields like delivery or IT. People who worked from home in the pandemic time has enough time to think about the need of people around them and they came up in the market with the new idea and started their own business and capture the market. `

Future of Entrepreneurship-

There is always a big rush to join the IITs and other elite engineering colleges in India. The main reason behind this is that there is a startup culture in these campuses. And the majority of students wish to do their own business after graduation. We can say that there will be a significant rise in entrepreneurship in the future by seeing the current growth of entrepreneurship. Also, our prime minister focuses on self-dependent India in which he mainly focuses on youths to start their own invention and businesses.

Indian Startup Culture-

Startup is a young company that is growing in the market. A new company is named a startup. A startup is initiated when a founder has a unique idea or has an easier method of distributing its product to customers in comparison to other companies. India currently has the world’s second-largest startup ecosystem. According to a survey published by Innoven Capital, the following are the primary criteria that make India one of the most startup-friendly countries in the world:

1) When compared to other countries, the cost of doing business is relatively low.

2) Both customers and vendors live in close proximity to one another.

Growth of Entrepreneurship –

The government is now empowering the Indian society digitally. Investments, Startups, Technology have seen significant growth after the COVID crisis. The initiatives of the Indian government for entrepreneurship spurred the growth of firms and provided the gateway for the acquisition of relevant technological knowledge, technical skills, and entrepreneurial talent shows huge development in India. We can easily say that a new trend has emerged in the field of entrepreneurship in India.


Entrepreneurship has seen significant growth in India. If you can learn the ability of managing and handling a team then this entrepreneurial journey is for you. You can also become a successful entrepreneur if you have proper guidance and mindset. At last, the conclusion is that if you want to become your own boss then this can become the best journey for you.

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