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Introduction to the Programming Language
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If you’re starting with Introduction to the Programming Language, this post is for you!!

Importance of a program on a computer:

Today’s computers are faster and faster all the time. However, computers have some essential problems: traditionally, they understand a set of instructions and should be told precisely what to do.

A computer program (also called an operating system) is a set of instructions that a computer performs to perform a specific task. The process of programming is called programming. Program programmers often create programs by generating source code (usually encoded by code), which is a list of commands that are encoded in one or more files.

Types of programming language:

The programming language is a vocabulary and is set by the rules of a computer programming language or computer tool to perform specific tasks. Standard programming languages ​​are spoken in high-level languages, such as BASIC, C, C ++, COBOL, Java, FORTRAN, Ada, and Pascal.

Each programming language has a set of strong words (words they understand) and a special syntax for grammar commands.

Now before we can understand what a program is, you must know what a computer is. A computer is a tool that can receive individual commands, process, and respond to them or a computer is a simple tool used to process information under computer information. The system is a sequence of commands and data.

Essential features of the machine are:

  • Input unit
  • Central Processing Unit(CPU)
  • Output unit

Points you must be knowing!!

Although computer science has become an industrial activity, in many ways I

the success of the constructed language is a matter of the second character. It is based on solid theoretical foundations, all while providing a variety of program views. When one adds an extension of language interaction, it is supported by a high level of language, which makes the language well adapted to teaching.

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