How to Learn Game Development?

How to Learn Game Development

Game development is the overall process of developing a video game. It includes the art of designing and release of the game. There are many components of a game which you have to create, such as story, characters, audio, graphics, etc. that ultimately blend to create a new story in a video game altogether.  

You have to make a proper plan to make yourself understand the core of game development. 

Learn Computer Programming:

There is no particular programming language that is used for game development, but C++ is the most popular one. It is also used for writing game engines. Popular games made using C++ are Counter-Strike, King Quest, World of Warcraft. 

Use a known Game Engine:

As a beginner, it is advised to go with some known game engine. Unity, Unreal Engine are some of them which are easy to learn and quite popular. It is not necessary to use a Game Engine, but then you have to do most of the technical part yourself. 

Learn Game Design Patterns:

They are templates for creating a flexible code that is the repeatable solution to a commonly occurring function in games. They are reusable in nature as they are not specific to a given problem. 

Understand 3D Graphics

It is not possible to develop games without graphics. Most of the famous games are made using 3D graphics. There are associated maths with as well which commonly requires linear algebra. 

There are numerous courses, books, articles, etc. available online which you can use to learn the various aspects of game development. The above-given skills are prerequisites for learning how to make basic games. As you further command those skills with proper creativity, you can develop amazing games. The best way to develop games is to start learning now. Play different games and try to analyze them. Get the basics right and work hard.

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