Best Books for Data Structure and Algorithms (New List)

best books for data structure and algorithms

Every programmer or coder nowadays has heard about data structures and algorithms. We have a question in mind: “What is Data Structure and Algorithms, and Why they are so important?” Data Structure is a specialized or unique method of organizing, processing, retrieving, and storing data. There are numerous sorts of data structures, each of which is equally effective for its intended purpose. Later in this blog, we will discuss the best books for data structure and algorithms. Data Structures allow users to work with enormous amounts of data in the most efficient way possible. Algorithms are used to create Data Structures for various types of data.

Why Data structure is important?

A program using integers or float values will be unable to comprehend the logic of data processing and its application. Data structure organizes data in such a way that it can be easily understood by machines or humans, and information can be gathered from it.

It is not necessary to use data structure for effective information from data, but it is crucial to adopt a suitable data structure for each task. While designing a data structure, there are a few considerations to bear in mind.

> What kind of information will be stored?

> How will that information be used?

> Where should be data stored?

> Find the best way to organize the data.

Here are some Best Books from Our Bucket to learn Data Structure and Algorithms:


This is the book that can assist a programmer in solving realistic algorithm-related challenges that they encounter on a daily basis. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning deep algorithms. This book will help you advance your knowledge of data compression and artificial intelligence to a higher degree. Python is the programming language utilized in this book. The author explains everything in an engaging manner, ensuring that you do not become bored while reading this book.

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The knowledge you gain from this book will assist you in resolving typical computer programming issues. This book contains over 400 illustrations that will clearly explain everything about data structure.


For all computer programmers, from novice to expert, this is an excellent book for understanding data structures and algorithms. This book will teach you all you need to know about data structures and algorithms in C and C++.

The author, Narasimha Karumanchi, wrote this book. He prepared this book for beginners who want to learn C and C++ programming languages. It does not only teach about the course, but it also teaches a computer science student about interviews, projects, and campus work, among other things.

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This book discusses each topic with examples so that even a novice may grasp the subject. It contains a step-by-step description of the data structure. When a learner completes a chapter, the book delivers a number of problems to practice the subject.


A Deep understanding of data structures and algorithms aids the programmer in creating programs that run quicker and use less memory. It is the most important need for any software company.

This book provides the reader with the whole learning experience, as well as practical knowledge in the form of problems. Whether you have a computer science degree or are a complete beginner, this book will help you improve your skills.

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This book is created in basic English so that any learner may comprehend what each line means. This book explains how data structures and algorithms might assist a self-taught programmer become more committed. Problems arise at all times, causing learners to become accustomed to hands-on practice.


This book is intended for students interested in machine learning, Haskell, and Scheme. The Data structure is explained as a functional language in this book. This book is intended for advanced programmers who are familiar with the OO language. A person with some knowledge of data structures and who has studied this book will be able to readily access data in a multi-threaded setting.

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It really helps your knowledge and understanding at the advanced level of coding. You will undoubtedly know everything there is to know about data structure implementation after reading this book.


This book deals with the details of data structure and algorithms. If you’re new to computer science or a self-taught coder, this book is for you. Chapters in this book can be viewed separately as algorithm parts. This book is written in easy English, making it easier to comprehend. This book contains all of the explanations.

This book contains a solution to all of the difficulties. When you finish reading this book, you will understand how algorithms function and will be able to apply them effectively. This book will also help you pass your interviews.

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These are the books to learn data structure and algorithms. These books can easily available in pdf format or you can buy them physically also.


Books are great for learning knowledge, but the daily practice is the only way to enhance skills. A book can only assist you to learn about a subject in order to become a self-taught coder. Hope this blog will help you in finding the best books for data structure and algorithms.

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