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Youtube vs TikTok
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Youtube vs TikTok? Which is a Better Platform?

The Internet is the platform that is really important now these days. Due to lockdown people are really bored and watching entertainment over these platforms. But which is better TikTok or youtube?

Read about these and decide which is better for promotion and audience. Recently the war has been started many YouTubers like Carry Minati, Technical guruji, Elvish Yadav has also fought in this. The war is heated.


Started in 2005, Youtube is one of the oldest social media platforms still in use. It’s the second-largest search engine, and a staggering 95% of global internet users use Youtube. Great news for beauty brands: Of that 95%, the women are predominantly watching beauty videos.


  1. Youtube’s audience includes almost every demographic imaginable. 
  2. The platform favors longer-form videos, and these are perfectly suited to showcase your products in action.
  3. The majority of content is created by individuals. This person-to-person marketing is excellent social proof that your product is worth buying.


TikTok, the new Vine-like video app has only been around since 2018. But it’s already amassed an enormous following. Some of this growth is attributed to users growing tired of Instagram’s fake aesthetic wanting to reconnect with a community of “real” people. Where Instagram is all about presenting a facade of perfection. TikTok is focused on creativity and relatability with many beauty trends focusing on theatrical makeup looks.


  1. Fewer brands are on TikTok than other social media channels, so there’s much less competition for users’ attention.
  2. Engagement rates are much higher than on Instagram or Youtube.
  3. The vibe on TikTok is laid back, “real,” and inclusive, meaning brands don’t have to work as hard.
  4. TikTok includes a broad diversity of products and content styles, making it relatively noncompetitive for brands – for now.
Youtube vs TikTok

According to social media, all the youth are in Favor of Ban TikTok in India. The app shares content harmful for the youth and nation. Various YouTubers and actors like Paresh Rawal also in favor of Ban TikTok in India. The rating for TikTok on Google Play Store has Decreased to 1.3 until we share this article. Also, the NCW asks for the ban of the app as it supports the harmful acid attack.

Comment Down What You Think about TikTok.

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