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Tesla Megapack Battery
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Tesla Installed A Huge Battery With 3MWH Capacity

Tesla announced Megapack, one of its largest large-scale battery storage units. Each megapack is the size of a container and can have a maximum capacity of up to 3 MWh. Although it occupies 40% less space than any other installation, it has in its interior all the elements it needs for the dynamics of an energy system.

Tesla Megapack Battery

It is modular and scalable allowing several units to be connected to create storage of up to 1 GWh. And it has the bonus of installing 10 times faster than other similar solutions. It also offers the option of using solar energy or connecting to wind energy systems. All these factors make it the ideal solution to be installed as a replacement for conventional plants.

So public utilities that opt ​​for this Tesla proposal will have an easy-to-implement, scalable solution that requires fewer units and space than traditional options. And for the management of Megapack facilities, Tesla has its own software that allows them to connect to the Powerhub platform. Also, make it easier to monitor the operation in real-time. A combination of power and functionality that will facilitate the adoption of renewable energy.

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