Russian internet provides will disconnect the country from the internet for an experiment

Russia plans to briefly disconnect from the internet as part of a planned experiment designed to protect from state-backed cyber attacks.

For the preparation of the test, the internet service providers are working with the Russian government, which comes in the response to a proposed new law that will see all internet traffic pass through Russian servers.
Runet, which is known as the local internet is required by the digital economy National program legislation. The test will see the Runet separated from the wider internet for a short period of time at some point before 1 April, according to a local news agency RosBiznesKonsalting (RBK).

This idea of cutting Russia from the internet was first proposed in 2014, after the security council of Russia 0wsrned of the risks of relying on other countries to provide essential parts of the country’s internet infrastructure.
In response, the UK joined previous calls by Nato to take an “offensive defence” against Russian backed cyberattacks.

“These cyber attacks serve no legitimate national security interest, instead of impacting the ability of people around the world to go about their daily lives free from interference, and even their ability to enjoy the sport,” UK Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said at the time.

Issues that remain unresolved include the extent of the impact that the test will have on Russian citizens, businesses and government agencies.