Now Replace Toilet Paper With This Gadget: Sonny

sonny new toilet device

Toilet paper is used in many parts of the world, but in many others, it is considered something really disgusting. Today, I found a new gadget that replaces Toilet paper. Yeah, I’m talking about water sprays. Water sprays are common in India and Japan, as well as in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Although in many cases both are used: hand shower and toilet paper.

The fact is that now you want to innovate something in the sector with a device called Sonny, which is completely portable.

Raising funds on Indiegogo, Sonny costs $89 and measures about 20 cm in length. It is charged with USB as if it were a mobile phone, and it is filled with tap water to be able to wash our parts with water under pressure. The mouthpiece can be removed and washed, and it is hidden in the body of the device when it is no longer used.

I think It is more effective than toilet paper. Yet it is necessary to verify the amount of existing water and the pressure exerted will be sufficient for complete cleaning. Sonny will start shipping to customers in December and has already far exceeded what they asked for in Indiegogo, so it seems that there is interest in the population.