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Latest Galaxy S10 update has some serious bugs

Though the newest flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S10 set up a fire in the market its new update is really concerning as many bugs has been reported by the users.

The most common problem in galaxy S10 is the freezing issues with third-party apps. Apps like Twitter and Nova launcher faced the freezing problem too.

The freezing problem is so big that the phone requires the restart. Moreover, the phone not only freezes the apps but also freezes itself when the power is button is pressed for long power off and restart options appear on the screen but they don’t work. For some users, pressing the power button makes the screen go dark but doesn’t lock the device, while others say the fingerprint sensor stops responding now and then or becomes slow to unlock the device once a fingerprint is detected.

The problems appear to be all over the place, with users experiencing different symptoms on every device or with different apps. According to a few posts, disabling the Wi-Fi can help resolve some of the issues, but it’s not a permanent fix.

Many times after an update causes problems, resetting or wiping the device can help clear things up. Unfortunately, users are reporting that this is not the case with the latest Samsung update.

Currently, there is no solution for this problem but soon the company is working on the issue and might solve this problem in the next update but presently it is advisable to the users that they should not update their devices.

While the buggy update has been pulled, there has been no statement from Samsung on the cause of the problems or when they will be fixed. For now, users who updated early are left waiting for a patch, while users without the update can breathe a sigh of relief as they wait for the issues to be resolved.

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