iOS14 could allow users to try an app before Downloading it

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The iOS 14 ‘clip’ feature can allow users to try out apps before downloading. Other previous leaks include possible improvements to HomeKit, CarPlay and Apple Maps, Find My and the Home screen. 

Now, it seems, the API not previously available on the site seen by 9to5Mac suggests that users will be able to access certain features of a third party app by scanning the QR code. 

This would be useful for users who felt curious about the app, who downloaded it, but just realized it wasn’t what they were looking for. This feature will help prevent such situations where you have spent bandwidth downloading an app but removing it shortly afterward. What would be interesting to see if paid apps could offer the same experience? In the meantime, if you’re paying for an app and you’re not happy with it, there’s no easy way to get a refund. Apple does not officially support refunds for purchased apps but will give you one if you have purchased the app in error. If Apple did end up using this feature, it would also help to prevent people from accessing the apps, but later found that it wasn’t what they wanted. It turns out that iOS14 will bring many great features and functionality to iPhone users. This includes new wallpaper settings, and the ability to select non-Apple apps as default apps. 

About the feature: 

Specifically, a feature called “Clip” will allow users to enter the app as a floating “card” type without having to download the app first. Instead of opening a link in Safari, for example, the YouTube QR code may generate a powerful app window that displays video and encourages the user to download the full app. 

Apple is reportedly testing this feature with app partners such as YouTube, Sony, OpenTable, DoorDash and Yelp. Third-party developers will need to specify in advance which parts of their applications can be accessed via “Clips”, and will obviously be downloaded as an aid package. 

Android currently has a feature very similar to what is known as “Glasses,” though it is primarily intended to allow access to application functionality installed in places like Search or Google Assistant. 

It seems that the iOS 14 running feature may work differently, acting as a way for users to try out certain features of the app without needing to install anything, or as a way for third-party developers to offer certain features without having to instruct the user to download their platforms. 

Apple is widely expected to release iOS 14 and its other 2020 updates to this year’s WWDC, which will be hosted in a new format with the COVID-19 epidemic.

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