Huawei Mate 20 X Explains: 5G Is Really Essential For Gamers!

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

Today, Huawei has released a promotional video for the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G that not only shows the huge difference in speeds between the 4G LTE and 5G but also mentions the reduction in latency. In fact, the video states that players will have no delay when the smartphone runs on a 5G network. In practice, low latency is a less obvious benefit of higher-speed mobile Internet. However, its implications are decisive.

Latency is the time that elapses between the occurrence of action and the outcome of it. Let’s look at this example. When we write something, latency is the time that elapses between pressing a key and the letter appearing on the screen. When it comes to online games, latency is the time that passes between the execution of a given command and its outcome in the game. As you might imagine, the lower the latency the better.

5G translates into games with incredibly low latency. This may seem like little now. However, with more and more players on smartphones and the creation of tournaments, it becomes very important. These details can make the difference between being champion and runner-up.

In fact, 5G can make a difference in many different fields. Of course, in this case, we are talking about something more common like games. But the applications are many and varied. The automotive industry will be one of the ones that will benefit most from 5G. That said, higher bandwidth means upfront the ability to deliver new content ultra fast. Who says content, says services.

In any case, the 5G fever has not yet begun, but it is to stay. We now have to wait for all the improvements that will come not only in terms of performance but also in the field of entertainment.