How To Disable Google Smart Lock From Saving Your Passwords

How to disable google smart lock

Do you know…Google saves absolutely everything we do with the devices. When we are logged in chrome, it is logical that the most saved data are the passwords of applications, websites, and other services. It is dangerous because, if someone has access to our Google account, they gain access to all passwords. In return, he gives us remarkable comfort.

If you have been restoring your Android device or have bought a new mobile, you will have noticed that Smart Lock offers you to enter the username and password stored in those apps that you already used. Facebook, Netflix, Twitter … You can choose a random password and difficult to find out that you won’t have to remember: Google Smart Lock will do it for you. It will also ask you if you can store it when you log in with a new application, which will be repeated every time you enter the password.

Do you want to prevent Smart Lock from registering passwords for specific applications? It is really simple. And also practical: here is a quick guide on how to disable google smart.

Lock the Smart Lock password for specific applications

This function is of great help to block applications that you use once. Since Smart Lock will not save it in the Google cloud that login will disappear. And you will also avoid that someone can steal the toughest passwords, such as those of the bank. Block those applications in Smart Lock and you will not have to say ” Cancel ” every time you offer to register access.

To activate the lock application by application you just need to do the following:

  • Access the settings of your Android device.
  • Locate Google options on the menu.
  • Scroll down to “ Smart Lock for Passwords ” and enter your options.
  • Go to ” Never save ” and click on the “ + “.
  • Search among all the apps and select those whose password you want to hide from Smart Lock.
  • You can remove the block by clicking on the applications chosen as “ Never save “.

Once you have activated the Google Smart Lock application lock, it will not get heavy every time for you to log in. Hope, this guide will help you and thanks for landing on this page.

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