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Google Replaces Voice Search On Android With Assistant

Voice Search is a function that Google incorporated in the Android for more than eight years ago. Every update, it was improving and extending to its most important applications, such as Google Maps. Despite the fact, Voice Search reached the mobile web version through Chrome, the truth is that the Mountain View company has been focusing its efforts on the Assistant for some time.

Not surprisingly, Google Assistant has its own future plans like testing a command to send text messages directly from the lock screen. Now, Google has begun the process to completely replace Voice Search on Android with the Assistant.

Google Assistant

According to 9to5Google, it was possible to access Voice Search through the Google application, the search bar widget or the application’s shortcut. The microphone icon in those three locations immediately performed a Google search and offered integrated search cards as a result.

As we see in the images, the Voice Search icon has been replaced by the Assistant icon in the form of ‘G’, while the old message “Say OK Google” has become say “Ask your assistant”. Although it still shows the previous interface, the query is done by the Assistant and the results appear in a sliding panel. In addition, the new search widget matches the lower field of the Pixel Launcher.

From 9to5Google ensure that this change has not yet been implemented in all phones, but it is active in the editor’s Google account, regardless of the version of the Google application and the device. There is no doubt that the old Google Voice Search still has its followers and currently works in more languages, but it is clear that Google’s future passes through the Assistant.

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