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Google Assistant Wants To Send Messages Directly Without Unlocking The Phone

During Google I / O 2019 Conference, the integration of augmented reality in the search engine and AI features of Google Lens could show how the future Google Assistant will be.

While all those functions are coming to the Assistant, Google continues to try some more improvements. One such feature is to implement a command that would allow us to send a text message directly from the Android phone’s lock screen, without the need to unlock it.

Currently, as we see in the image above, Google Assistant does not support sending texts directly from the lock screen. But, to perform that action, it asks you permission to unlock the phone by entering the corresponding code. However, the 9to5Google medium has detected an A / B server-side test that enables the “send a text” command so that the Assistant can do so directly from the lock screen.

From the above screenshots, the new command “send a text” allows sending a text message from the lock screen by specifying the recipient’s name and the actual message. And once the message has been sent, Google Assistant reports it both visually and verbally.

Currently, this feature is in a testing phase and limited access to a few users. So we can not determine whether it will finally be implemented definitively.

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