Developer boots Windows 10 on ARM on the OnePlus 6T

Developer boots Windows 10 on devices powered by ARM chips

When Microsoft introduces a version of Windows 10 on devices powered by ARM chips it sparked hopes about the potential of always connected windows laptops. In October last year, the software giant also announced an SDK allowing developers to port their x86 apps for ARM64 chips. But some developers would be a step ahead of Microsoft in terms of reaping the benefits of Windows 10 on ARM processors.

A software developer, Bas Timmer from the Netherlands, who goes by the alias NT Authority has been fiddling the ARM64 build of Windows 10 on devices with much smaller displays than typical always connected windows laptop like the Snapdragon Galaxy BOOK2 or the Lenovo Yoga 630 WOS. Besides booting windows 10 on a one plus 6T, Timmer has also managed to run a blue screen of death (BSOD) error.

The developer also noted that getting touch working on one plus 6T will be fairly easy since the Samsung’s Super AMOLED display the 6T uses a Synaptics touchscreen controller.

As for the future of the always-connected laptops lies, we can expect 5G to propel their adoption. In the meantime, we also hope for such laptops to become capable of running power-hungry applications like photos and video editing or music composing.