8 Best Artificial Intelligence Projects -(New List)

best artificial intelligence projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows machines to perform tasks that would otherwise need human intelligence. The AI industry will reach its pinnacle in the future. So, if a student wishes to pursue a career in AI, he or she must gain theoretical experience as well as practical experience through completing artificial intelligence projects. We can recommend some basic Artificial Intelligence projects to you.

List of Artificial intelligence projects for Beginners:

1) Predicting the house price

2) Prediction of stock price

3) Customer recommendation in e-commerce business

4) Chatbots

List of Artificial intelligence projects for advanced level Students:

1) Virtual assistant

2) Face and emotion detection

3) Plagiarism checker

4) Banking bots

Let me explain these Artificial intelligence projects to you:

1) Predicting the house price:

The prediction of house price, as your first project, is one of the best. In this project, you will be given the house prices of various cities and will be asked to predict the house prices in a specific location of the city.

2) Stock price prediction:

This project is particularly beneficial to students who wish to work in the financial industry in the future. Using data from an organization’s report, you can try to estimate price fluctuations over a six-month period.

3) Customer recommendation in e-commerce business:

Customer recommendations play a different function in the e-commerce industry. This system improves the user experience while also significantly increasing revenue. You can also improve it by using the surfing history of your consumers.

4) Chatbots:

The ideal Artificial Intelligence project for beginners is chatbots. Chatbots for customer service can be created by students. When you create a chatbot, you can continue to improve it as you gain additional ideas.

5) Virtual assistant:

You can create your own voice-based virtual assistant for Windows to make everyday tasks such as searching the web, opening an app, setting a reminder, and so on, easier. You can use the ‘open’ command to open any app and the ‘write’ command to write notes, among other things.

6) Face and emotion detection:

One of the most intriguing AI projects is the face and emotion detection project. In real-time, this project can detect human emotion. To execute facial extraction, it first detects a human face in a scene. The dataset then aligns with seven facial features: happy, sad, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, and neutral. It can also utilize emotion to figure out how a person behaves.

7) Plagiarism checker:

Plagiarism is when you take someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. It’s possible to do this by employing comparable terms or sentences. This plagiarism checker compares the sentences in one paragraph to those in another and displays the sentences as well as the proportion of identical sentences. It employs the text mining technique. It saves the content and referral link for later use and uses it as new content for its match is posted.

8) Banking bots:

You can create a financial system chatbot. It employs artificial intelligence algorithms to decipher the user’s banking-related queries and provide appropriate responses. This assignment can be included on your resume as well. It is programmed to behave in a human-like manner. If this banking bot is unable to answer your query, it will escalate your issue to a live person.

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