Asus ZenFone 6 (2019) price in India and all Specifications

Asus ZenFone 6 (2019) price in India and all Specifications

Asus Zenfone 6: The new motorized camera setup that flips out and with a monstrous battery of 5000mAh capacity.

A camera whose rotation can be controlled by the user and that can do that and many more for a whole 2 days.

The efforts to make more room for the screen on the body of the device, Asus has come with a new way to achieve that, The flip camera. It provides the user with the same 48MP and 13MP as a primary and front camera. With a very simple design as compared to the Samsung Galaxy A80 previous month.

The phone comes at the price of Rs 39, 000, but the actual price in India will be known after that it hits the Indian market. The specs are indeed impressive and very appealing.

The device contains a Snapdragon 855 (Flagship processor) and Adreno 640 graphics processor unit. Those are found in the top Flagship devices. Has a 6.4 inch IPS LCD display, with Android 9.0 and a custom Zen UI6 (which to be very frank feels like a stock Android UI) which is very appealing to eye’s and user-friendly. It has the beast of the battery of capacity 5000mAh. In our testing, the device even our normal use almost does last for 2 days. That’s pretty impressive on its own.

The Screen, to be honest, is not the brightest, main reason for it is that the device has an LCD display, but still fairs well in sunlight. The screen to the body ratio is 84% and is really impressive on the camera side of it. The camera boasts of a 48MP +13MP wide angle lenses which have some really good sensors and the image quality is very decent. The device can be really well liked by the people who have been using devices in the range of Rs 40, 000. Also, the gorilla glass used on the screen is very durable.

This device is something special, mostly in the camera department as it allows the user to adjust how much the camera rotates when in use. Leading to some crazy shot angles. Overall the phone is a new device in the motorized camera market and from our experience good value for money for the user.