Amazon Plans To Teach 10 Million Students To Code


AMAZON INSPIRE. Enterprise to Teach Coding to 10 Million Students.

“We’re pretty confident that knowing how to code will be as important as knowing how to read for the jobs of the future,” said Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s Chief Executive of the worldwide consumer.

This surprising project of Amazon simply states teaching around 10 million Students to code. Amazon is a huge E-commerce platform. The recent update is that it’s facing a deficiency in computer engineers. This is a grave worry for a multinational platform rooting on engineers. Thus, this ambitious venture. This will not only ensure their future employees to be reliable but also safer for recruitment.

This programme includes paying for teacher training, summer camp and some basic strategies to uplift the children from backward families who otherwise may have little chance to learn to code. It also plans to provide scholarships and internships for college students. Interested and dedicated students can apply to

What is Amazon Future Engineer?

  1. No price tag
  2. Computer Science Education
  3. $50 million committed
  4. Future Company Recruiters
  5. Enhancing Alexa through their students
  6. Programming Delivery Drones
  7. Prioritizing coding
  8. Free summer camp-kindergarten to eighth grade.
  9. Free after-school programmes in Amazon Offices
  10. Online classes, games, and lessons.
  11. Affiliated with and Coding with kids.

Connected news is that Microsoft and Facebook may also provide classes teaching coding to grow buds that will ultimately be beneficial for their companies


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