Amazon Launches Prime Video App For Oculus VR Helmets

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon wants to keep its, Prime Video, in Virtual Reality headsets, as a rival to Netflix or YouTube. In this sense, the company has just launched Prime Video VR. It is a free Prime Video application for Virtual Reality helmets. Right now, it is available for some VR helmets on the market: Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Samsung Gear VR.

Currently, this is service is available for US and UK users. With it, you can enjoy the complete catalog of Prime Video movies and programs within the VR helmets. Although, they also have a selection of immersive 360-degree videos. Initially, with 10 videos available, the list will grow as overtime

The application itself will also allow voice searches and content browsing through the touch controller. With respect to the experience of the application, users will be able to see 2D content. It will be in the center of an immersive virtual environment as a personal theater. The application can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.

In this way, Amazon intends that Prime Video be extended to other media that allow the enjoyment of the audiovisual content available in the catalog of its service.

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