How to Get Certified From Google/Microsoft

certified from Google/Microsoft

Microsoft and Google provide various courses for developers and IT professionals. These courses help learners to improve their skillsets and add them to their resume. Companies prefer certification holders for jobs so getting these certifications helps to enhance your chances of jobs. You will get higher search exposure on Linkedin, it will also help you with getting more compensation and these courses are high-grade so you will learn loads of new stuff. 

If you’re thinking to get certified in such courses, you can follow these steps: 

1.Search for the course you’re interested 

Google and Microsoft provide a lot of courses related to data science, AI, Azure, and management. Search for the course you want to get certified on. For basic courses, you don’t need any basic experiences but for some advanced courses, basics of technological understanding related to that topic are a must. 

2.Enroll in your desired course 

Once you find the right course for yourself, the next step is to enroll in that certification program. They will provide you some study material, all you need to do after is to learn concepts at on their schedule and submit the assignments if asked. The trainers have completed accurate training and have met convincing technical certification requirements.  

3.Pass the certification exam 

The final step is to take the certification exam. At the end of the course, you need to give an examination and pass it to get your certificate. Microsoft and Google will provide you some practice tests designed to you prepare for the certification exams. If you pass the exam you will receive your certificate or otherwise, you get the opportunity to challenge answers marked incorrect or retake the exam later. 


Getting certified from Google and Microsoft can help both new employees as well as experienced ones. You can add these certificates in your resume to get your desired job or use if for promotion. Even if you’re an experienced professional, having certifications is the easiest way to maintain a high profile.

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