Earn Money From Instagram

earn money from instagram

Decide your Niche-

Few Niches to start Instagram page- 

1.) Travel 

2.) Finance 

3.) Beauty/fashion 

4.) Business 

5.) Pets 

6.) Health and Fitness 

7.) Digital Marketing 

8.) Food 

9.) Parenting 

Gain Some Followers-  

1.) Post 3-4 videos/week 

2.) Post 3-4 Photos daily 

3.) Stay connected with your followers 

4.) Use Instagram Reels 

5.) Tag Brand in Story &Post 

6.) Post 3 stories/Day 

What to Create? 

1.) You have to Search top Instagram Pages related to your Niche .

2.) You can take Inspiration or idea from these Pages and can create content like these pages. 

Monetization Options- 

1.)  Affiliate Marketing- You can put affiliate links of Products from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. On your Instagram Page. If any viewer purchases that product from your link, then you will get some commission. 

2.) Sponsored Post- When you have active followers then Brands send their Products for Promotion.  You have to promote their Products by clicking Pictures or making Video with caption on them. 

3.) Sell your Own Products- In affiliate Marketing, we promote other products but in this, we promote our own products like eBooks, Courses, Consultancy Call, Merchandise, etc. 


All the Methods that are Mentioned above Required Some Skills. So, if you have Not any type of Skills then First of all learn a skill and then Monetize it. 

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