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How to Become a Content Writer

Content writing is the field where no particular qualification is needed or necessary to enter. You can take up this field at any stage of your professional life through any path, be it freelancing, a part-time or full-time job, hence, giving you a lot of flexibility. You will need good writing skills and an analytical mind, without which content writing cannot be done. 

Along with that, you can or should also take steps to ensure a smooth entry into the field like a degree in Literature, Journalism and Mass Communication. At the same time, for technical or research writing, you may need a Master’s degree in a specialized field. 

Following are a few ways to become a Content Writer: 

1. Freelancing work  

One of the best ways to enter into content writing is to take up freelance projects. There are abundant opportunities available on different freelancing websites as companies are increasingly outsourcing independent writers for their content requirements. With time you can build your expertise and portfolio online to set your own pace for work.  

2. Try out Internships 

Try your hands at internships with different companies, be it online or offline, if you are still in college/school. It helps in giving good experience without wasting much time as you don’t have to wait to complete your studies for such internships. You can also contribute to columns for magazines and newspapers.  

3. Start Blogging 

Blogging is another great step one can take towards writing. It is free too as you write at your own pace and don’t need any qualifications as such. You only need a good writing style. Even youngsters as young as 12-13 years are blogging today.

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4. Add more Qualifications  

Adding more qualifications are required for content writing as a subject matter expert. With that, you can be able to process information and also add your own expertise. Technical data is only well-analyzed and proof-read by a person who is technically qualified for that.  

5. Add Certification Programs 

Add certification programs and short-term courses in writing skills and content and digital marketing along with your graduate or post-graduate degrees. Various courses that you can do are available today in the field of blogging, electronic rhetoric, technical writing, copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), CMS (Content Management System), WordPress, Keyword Research and Social Media Fundamentals. 

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Apoorva Krishna
3 months ago

Yeah.. probably good way to start is freelancing!!

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