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How To Activate Dark Mode In Google Maps

Google Maps is a Google service that provides users with information about their current location and other specific addresses. It is a map application on the web, which offers satellite images of the world and takes advantage of the GPS connection of the devices.

This application allows the user to know the route between the location where they are to their destination and calculate the time needed to arrive. It also calculates the distance of the route on foot, by bicycle or by car. By what allows to distinguish in what means of transport you can get to a place faster. From the business field, allows you to find the establishments in a faster way.

Like other applications developed by Google, you can now activate dark mode in the Google Maps interface. In this way, it allows improving the visibility in places with low lighting or at night. But this option must be activated manually, so we will indicate the steps you must follow to activate the dark mode of Google Maps.

In the case of Google Maps, the night mode is activated automatically at night. But there is a way to activate the dark mode, regardless of whether it is daylight, as follows:

  • First, you must open the Google Maps application and go to the Settings or Adjustments option.
  • Then you will enter the section “Navigation settings“.
  • You will select the option “Map display” and press on the Night option.
Google maps dark mode

Finally, the dark mode will be automatically activated in the application when we open a new map.

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