This country has Banned PUBG

PUBG the game most popular in youth these days, and everyone being crazy about it and playing for long hours. Due to the long interval of time on this game, it is having some serious health-related issues. players who play it for extended periods of time. There have been many, especially anxious parents, who want the government to ban the game across India. While addiction among the young generation has been a topic of debate, the game has been banned in Nepal, as per a report in the Kathmandu Post. The schools were and parents were the one to raise this issue so the government took a serious step and decided to ban the Pubg. The battle royale game has been said to make people more aggressive in real life, especially teens and kids.

PUBG spread like fire in last year after its launch on a mobile platform especially in our country INDIA and other Asian countries. Not only in Nepal it’s addiction has also surfaced the various states like Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat and Maharashtra such that these states have also decided to ban this game. Game addiction has seriously affected the health and studies of children. It has already been banned in Rajkot, Gujarat and police have even arrested some students who were playing PUBG in public places.

After Rajkot arrests, PUBG Mobile had ‘accidentally’ rolled out a healthy reminder for the players in India and some players reported that they had been blocked from playing the game on that day after they’ve played for 6 hours. Some had reported being blocked after 3 hours.

After the issue surfaced, PUBG Mobile India apologised for the health reminding notification (“Healthy Gameplay System”) and got the issue fixed.

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