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PUBG Lite is Coming to India in June


PUBG  has been a lot of craze among the youngsters these days  while some like to play on the mobile some like to play it on their computers but the game itself is bulky and requires high-end game configuration so The company has decided to launch a lite version of the game for the gamers so that those who don’t have end PCs and still want to enjoy the game can download the game and play with all might. The game will run smoothly without any frameskip or lag.

The official PUBG India Facebook page has posted an image which includes a silhouette of the Taj Mahal with the words ‘PUBG LITE Coming Soon.’

Though the game still gonna be in GBs and its


  • -OS: Windows 7,8,10 64Bit
  • -CPU: Core i3 @2.4Ghz
  • -RAM: 4GB
  • -GPU: Intel HD 4000
  • -HDD: 4GB

Recommended System Requirements:-

  • -OS: Windows 7,8,10 64Bit
  • -CPU: Core i5 @2.8Ghz
  • -RAM: 8GB
  • -GPU: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • -HDD: 4GB

Launch dates:-

The official launch has not been confirmed yet the game is really gonna be a fire for the pc users. various discussions on Discord and social media channels suggest that the game could launch by the end of this month. There is a possibility that the game will launch during the steam sale around June 25.

The game on its mobile platform has already caused a fire in the gaming world. A smartphone today is not very expensive, so the game is easy to access. PUBG Lite could spark a similar fire among PC users who don’t have high-end performance hardware but still want to experience the game.

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