Nintendo Switch: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2019

upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2019

Nowadays, it’s not easy to choose a good game for one of our consoles, or PC. After all, we have hundreds of options in the market. However, even with reviews all over the internet, the quality of many of these titles is questionable. This happens more in all platforms, but it seems to be a bit more evident on the Nintendo side. That despite having a huge success with its Switch, the vast majority of players only know 3 or 4 titles for this console.

Well, what games are worth for Nintendo Switch in 2019?
Let’s try to figure it out!


The game World End Syndrome is quite interesting. This, although not a well-known title… The story itself is quite tempting. In the end, during the journey, each player will give life to a high school student who has just moved to a new school. Where many strange things will happen but also many unexpected novels. The main purpose of the game is undoubtedly to get players to live a teenager’s life for a while. Living all the adventures and misfortunes that this season causes.


Battle Royale mode is increasingly becoming a reality in new games coming out. And while Fortnite continues to be an audience leader… Attention! Because the competition is getting bigger and stronger, especially after the release of Realm Royal. This game was created by the same studio that created Paladins and even the game SMITE. And as with all Battle Royal games, it will also have a gigantic map.

Each player can look for weapons and armor in chests throughout the game. And if you don’t want what the chests give you, you can “recycle” the materials and earn points from it. With these points, each player can create their own weapons or armor in any forge.

If you happen to be hit by another player, you will not die immediately. This is because, by losing all his life, each player will turn into a chicken for about 10 seconds, thus having a chance to survive. Each player can turn into chicken only three times per game.


Cricket games are almost never developed by well-known studios, always falling short of expectations. However, this time Cricket 19 was in charge of an Australian studio that did an excellent job.

Apparently and according to some gameplay videos, the game seems kind of demanding. However, it was considered by many to be one of the best games ever of its kind. Each player can enjoy career mode, where they will improve their character throughout the challenges they will face during their journey. In addition, there will also be various scenarios that each player can experience.


It is safe to say that the latest games that were released for Nintendo Switch were pretty much just Remakes of old titles. Which is not always bad. This is because this time we have Sniper Elite V2 Remastered that once had its glory days… But now back in the spotlight to try to gain ground on the Nintendo Switch side.

Each player can perform various missions in the game. Such as one that can be done with a friend, and where the main objective is to destroy the Nazi V2 rocket program. In addition, all DLC’s are also included in this version of the Nintendo Switch game, so we have to enjoy it.


In addition to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Now Nintendo Switch players will also be able to enjoy Mortal Kombat 11. However, the gameplay will not be the same as the graphics had to be adapted. While not the same at Switch, Mortal Kombat will remain one of the best games of 2019 for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

In addition, this release includes all released DLC’s and all additional content. Including new characters and customizations. All of the titles we mentioned above are some of the best games of 2019. And which in our opinion will be a huge hit on Nintendo Switch.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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