How to Push K/D ratio In PUBG Mobile Season 18

How to increase K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile Season 18

In today’s world if someone is talking about mobile games then there is only one name on their tongues “PUBG”. PUBG is the most popular mobile game in the world. PUBG is a battle royale game in which a number of players land on an island from an airplane. These all players fight with each other and kill other players. The last player standing took the “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” title. Many gamers make their carrier in playing PUBG and took some fame also. Every player wants to improve their skills. The most common way of analyzing yourself is your K/D ratio. The more your K/D ratio, the better player you are. If you also want to push your K/D ratio, then you are at the right place. Here are some points that can help to push your K/D ratio to your max.


Flanking is the easiest way to win a fight against your enemies. By flanking you win about 90% of your fight. In flanking you have to do nothing only go to the right or left according to the situation and surprise your enemy with a sudden attack on them. In this way, you can easily do 1V4 to a squad and it helps you a lot in pushing your K/D ratio.


The most important thing in winning a fight against a player is which weapon you select during the fight. If you are in the situation of a close-range fight then you have to choose the weapon which has higher damage like AKM, M762, or a higher firing rate like Uzi, Vector, etc. If you in the situation of long or middle range then you have to choose Sniper like Kar98k, M24, Mosin Nagant Rifle or the gun with less recoil like M416, Dp-28, Scar-l, etc. the selection of a suitable gun will let you win every fight and to push your K/D ratio.


A good landing location will also help you to push your K/D ratio to a significant value. If you land at hot drop then in maximum cases you died at starting of the match without a gun which will affect your K/D. The best way to push your K/D is to land at a safe place and loot properly with a good amount of ammo and health. If you land a safe place then there you find 2 or 3 Bot also they can also play an important role in pushing your K/D ratio.


If you are pushing your K/D ratio then avoid rushing. If you are rushing on a team in a house there is a 40% chance of your winning as you don’t know the exact location of your enemies in the house. Your enemies have an advantage over you if you are rushing on them. If you want to push your K/D ratio then let your enemies rush on you then you have an advantage over your enemies and by killing them you will definitely push your K/D ratio.     

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