India is ready for PUBG Lite registration

PUBG Mobile is a big hit but to play the game on PC there arises a requirement of a high-end device to run the graphics extensive game smoothly, which makes it troublesome for those who do not own a premium gaming computer. But now you don’t need to annoy yourself anymore as the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game will now be available in a toned-down version in India. Called the PUBG Lite, the lighter version of core PUBG will be compatible with lower-end computers and laptop to make the gaming experience seamless for everyone irrespective of the device they own.

PUBG Lite Pre-Registration for India has started along with a few more countries in Asia. The lite version of the game is coming to PCs in the country after being launched in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil and Bangladesh. The company had confirmed that the game would be arriving in India with a Facebook post earlier. The official PUBG India Facebook page had posted an image with a silhouette of the Taj Mahal with the words ‘PUBG LITE Coming Soon.’ This had confirmed that the game would soon be coming to India.

How to register for PUBG Lite:

  1. Go the official website of PUBG and look for the PUBG Lite Pre-registration link.
  2. Click on ‘Participate Event’. It will open a pop-up window where you can register for the game using your Facebook account.
  3. The pre-registration started on June 20 and will go on till July 3, 2019 – 23.59 IST.
  4. The registered users will get an event code on their email id on July 11.
  5. The code could be used to get free skins which can be redeemed in the game.

The free skins include Tiger-finish M416 skin, and a Cheetah pattern parachute skin. The company has also said that once pre-registration hits 100,000, players will get a black scarf, punk glasses and bloody combat pants. If the pre-registrations cross 200,000, the gamers will get a gold PUBG scarf, a yellow striped long-sleeved shirt and a red sports top.

About the Lite Version

PUBG Lite is a lighter version of Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, popularly known as PUBG. The lite version doesn’t require high-end computing resources and makes the game more accessible to users. It was initially launched last year under the beta form to a few Southeast Asian countries where selected players were given access to the game. The company is yet to announce the official release date of the game but pre-registration for the game have already begun. The users who register for the game early can also win free rewards like free skins and others.

Which PCs will support PUBG Lite?

Minimum specifications requirement to download PUBG Lite include the following:

  1. OS – Windows 7, 8, 10, 64-bit
  2. CPU – Core i3, 2.4GHz
  3. RAM – 4GB
  4. GPU – DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000
  5. HDD – 4GB

For the best experience, PUBG recommends the following specifications:

  1. OS – Windows 7,8,10, 64-bit
  2. CPU – Core i5 2.8GHz
  3. RAM – 8GB
  4. CPU – DirectX11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  5. HDD – 4GB

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