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10 People arrested for playing PUBG

Due to the ban placed on our beloved game PUBG Mobile, the first arrest has been made in Rajkot for playing PUBG. In last two days, the Rajkot Police arrested 10 people out of which six students are still pursuing their college education only although the Police Commissioner Manoj Aggarwal has stated that this is a bailable offence.

Rajkot police caught three students playing PUBG mobile and arrested them under IPC section188 for violating the ban. Following these reports of the ban, the police in Bhavanagar and Gir Somnath district has also banned PUBG.

More news tells us that a 15-year-old kid stole 50,000 rupees from his father’s account to make a purchase of game controller and weapon skins for the game. Well, he might be taking his RP seriously. We’ll soon come to know what new will the police do to ban the game completely, though I don’t personally want it to happen.

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