Uber Wants To Starts Air Taxi Service In India

Uber Air Taxi

Uber Air Taxi

The Taxi giant which currently offers Cab service through bike or car, food delivery; is looking to spread its wings and explore the unconquered air for public transport services. Uber, thus has planned to bring out Air Taxi and intends to launch through three cities initially that can sustainability support Air Taxi and help in cutting major time spent in traveling.

Currently, it has chosen Dallas and Los Angeles to be its two launch cities along with Mumbai possibly being the third city (in talks with the authority). Check the following brief video of what could Air Taxi bring to the public.


Additionally, Uber has shortlisted five countries – India, Japan, Australia, Brazil and France – and one of them will become the first Uber Air City outside of the US. Eric Allison, chief executive, Uber Aviation Program, illustrated that the 100-minute road journey from the city airport in the western suburbs to downtown Churchgate in South Mumbai can come down to 10 minutes using the futuristic service.

Eric, after a meeting with India’s PM regarding this agenda, highlighted the importance of Air Travel in a heavily populated country like India and how innovation can bring about significant changes to the public transport.

What To Expect

If all goes well, then we could be looking at a revolutionized transport system by 2023 where traveling is just a small part of our life rather than being the major part in Metropolitan cities of our country. Coming to the vehicles that make Air Travel happen, we are looking at Vertical Take-Off Landing (VTOL) similar to the way a Helicopter works.

This futuristic tech could also bring about positive changes in the Environment in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. I just wish for the betterment of this country and hope we make our peace with Transportation problems.

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