This robot from MIT can do backflips

The four-legged robot known as the “Mini Cheetah” can do backflips now

Though it is not the first robot to do so the thing that makes it special is that it is the first four-legged robot which is capable of doing such a thing.

As the name suggests the “Mini Cheetah” can run at a speed of 2.45 meters per second(roughly around 5.5 miles per hour) yeah this might not look like very great speed, but for a robot, it is really interesting.

Moreover, the robot can jump and roll over just like a cute puppy, but if you are planning of buying it then I am sorry to tell you that this is just a prototype and an experimental version of Cheetah 3 robot made by MIT.

The thing that makes this robot more friendly looking is its small size and it looks like a pet dog rather than a cheetah. In the end, the mini cheetah is another step towards a perfect robot by MIT.

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