The new Pixel 4 is a Fantastic Device but isn’t Flawless

Pixel 4

Pixel 4 –but some things are missing


The new dual rear camera is again the industry leader as every pixel device camera has been science the first one launched. The new pixel device (pixel 4) inboxes 12 mp primary camera and 16 mp telephoto camera. The camera is no doubt the best with software and the image processing which has always been the case but here’s the kill. Now even when the i-phone houses the wide-angle lens the pixel lacks it. The part where it gets tricky is they believe that telephoto is the better way to go than the wide-angle, which is absolutely not the case. Having a wide-angle gives a wider perspective and is a cool feature to the house in one’s pocket phone camera.

Now let’s talk about the software of the camera. It will be less if we say the camera app is good because it’s actually the best. Better than any phone has. The new ISO controls and the feature of getting live HDR+ feed in the viewfinder make it all the way better.

And as always the AI is the best part where it takes burst shots of around 12 clicks and combines them to make a better image.

And the front camera is as good as it was.


Okay, so this time they got rid of the notch and gave up a strip on the top of the phone which stores in a massive amount of hardware including the radar technology which knows when you are about to use the phone. This comes in handy when face unlock comes in.  Yes, they have the same IR blaster and the dot projector in the front that reads your face. And also yes, they have removed the fingerprint sensor and now only has the face unlock as the biometric sensor. The radar sensor enables the phone to know that the user is about to use the phone and runs the hardware early to make the unlock blazing fast. It’s so fast that the unlock screen never shows up.

The chin on the phone is less and comes in three different colour two of them have matt finish and the black has a glossy one. The camera module is square and holds two cameras and a flash. The design is just cool enough to call it a win.


The best part of this AMOLED screen is that it is a 90hz display as now every flagship phone in the industry is trying to do that. And it’s not soon when in the future we see the trend of high refresh screens like the notch has been.

It’s bright and is fine when outdoors but it may make you struggle sometimes. The screen quality is fantastic and the pixel density is 534ppi in the bigger model and the lesser in the smaller one. This is where Google lost its consistency.


The new Pixel 4 has got snapdragon 855 but not the plus one which is a bummer. One plus 7-T has the 855+ but not this one. The camera is as good as it can be and the screen too is good. Pubg runs flawlessly and is fine for gamers. The battery on the XL is 3700 mah and works just fine.


See, now Google has been in the market for long enough to ruin its products. They have been successfully ruining some products such as pixel 3. It was a disaster. But this time they have been doing fine with everything. The best thing is the pricing. It’s 799 $ in the US which roughly translates to 57,000 Indian rupees. The pricing is the best thing. What I say is hardware is necessary but the pricing makes a brand worth the buy. The pricing is just sweet and now imagine you getting the best android phone now just for 799 $.

The phone is fantastic with all the features. It lags some stuff but is kind of the most complete android phone.

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