REVIEW over – iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11

The largest tech event of the year 2019 of Apple had launched their three phones of all. Together in the market which is:

1.) iPhone11

2.) iPhone 11 PRO

3.) iPhone 11 PRO max

Here we are going to talk about iPhone 11 PRO and iPhone 11 PRO max. Although iPhone had used the word ‘PRO’ many times and in their many products like MAC BOOK-PRO or Apple iPad PRO but this is the first time Apple had used ‘PRO’ word in their smartphones. If we talk about the main highlights which make this Premium one PRO is that

1.) PRO grade camera

2.) PRO grade performance

3.) PRO grade display and the last

4.) PRO battery life among all the iPhones.

Let’s jump to our main ground that follows:


This phone comes in the damn and brand new premium look from backside with Matte glass finish and it feels so cool in the feel and touches too. This comes with one another interesting colour gradient that is -‘MIDNIGHT Green’ and some more colours which we can find is…

1.) Space Grey

2.) Silver and in the

3.) Gold finish.

The frame itself has been made with stainless steel which looks outstanding and premium in itself.

If we talk about the glasses, according to Apple the glasses which has been used in these phones are toughest in the whole smartphone industry by the way if it falls from your hand it could bear those shocks at some extents.

It comes with IP-68 protection which could easily handle 4 meters of depth of water and could easily survive for half an hours and moreover, it can also easily tackle our day to day coffee and soda over it.


This phone comes with OLED screen and the size of iPhone 11 PRO is 5.8 inches and iPhone 11 PRO max comes with 6.5 inches. If we talk about the screen, screen has been improved and obviously it has HDR display where it has 2millon:1 contrast ratio of display along with pixel density of 458 pixels per inch which shows the colours OUTSTANDINGLY cool whereas the peak brightness is till 1200 nits, talking about touch then we can mainly have HAPTIC touch not the 3D touch is available in these iPhones.


We can see the ‘A12 Bionic’ processor had made the boom and till now it is far more forward than any other, if we compare it with Snapdragon 855 too then the ‘A13 Bionic chip’ is the awesomely best in the market and the processing  time which we are going to get is on the ‘NEXT LEVEL’ literally.

Further, if we compare it with the old A12 Bionic Processor we can find that it is 20% faster than the A12 Bionic processor in the matter of GPU and CPU too. Whereas it is capable of handling up to 1 Trillion operations per second, so by far we can imagine how fast it is.


Coming to the Battery life of this gadget so basically this gadget is designed for machine learning purpose so this one is quite efficient and this one is made with 2nd generation process so if we compare the battery life of iPhone 11 PRO with iPhone 10 S then we get 4 hours of more battery backup and whereas if we compare iPhone 10 S max with iPhone 11 PRO max then we get the battery backup up to 5 hours more which makes the longest battery backup iPhone till now.


Here comes the new thing in the market which is obviously the 3 camera fitting on the Rear side with 12 MP each where…

1.) The Primary wide-angle camera is of F 1.8 aperture.

2.) The ultra-wide camera of F 2.4 aperture 120 degrees.

3.) Camera 2X optical zoom F 2 aperture.

All three of them could be accessed one by one and simultaneously too and could record 4K 60 FPS video. It has brand-new night mode which can take phone without any defect in clarity in low light.

The front-facing camera is also upgraded and it is of 12 MP and F 2.2 aperture, it is also capable of recording 4K videos with 60 FPS. Slow-motion videos could also be recorded with 120 FPS.

Face recognition is also been upgraded and is more flexible. With one update of DEEP FUSION, the camera quality will be equivalent to the professional-grade camera, it is too powerful that can show such details that you can see the pixels too.

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