Motorola got a flagship – is it the best new flagship? (Motorola edge plus)

Motorola edge plus


its been around three years since Motorola has dropped some nice flagship phone if we count out the new razer phone because it was just not flagship level, but more like a mid tear. Luckily enough this is one true flagship phone, and there is no area Motorola is thinking of making compromisation. 

The edge display:

It’s quite clear now that the edge display is now an old trait. Samsung did it, One plus did it, and now many other big players did it too. It’s a bit too late for Motorola for this move, but we will accept it. To be honest, we here in the studio didn’t like the display, and it is because the curved display is prone to accidental touches, and that is pretty annoying. 

The camera Motorola Edge Plus:

Motorola houses in a great camera and the camera module is the same as the camera as in the galaxy s20 plus from Samsung. The sheets say the specification for the camera is 108 MP for the primary, 8 MP for the telephoto, and at last 16 MP wide-angle camera which is capable of taking micro shots. Those were the sheet specifications, but apart from that, Motorola is not pulling out anything with this phone. The camera is top quality, and it is amazing! 

The battery Motorola Edge Plus:

It has got a massive 5000MAH battery and with the OS in it promises to last all day long, and you can also use it for a day and a half too. 

The processor, RAM, and storage: Max ram is 12 GB Storage goes up to 256 GB and the good old SOC Snapdragon 865. With those great specifications, the phone gets fast, and this is a really fast phone. 

Does this give competition to the big flagships:

To be honest, no, this is not giving any competition to the big names like Apple or Samsung, this does not get even close to the companies such as One plus. The reason being trust. The companies we just mentioned gained a lot of trust and have been making flagships for long and also with this improved in the art of amazing people. You can’t release one flagship in three or four years and expect that people will buy that, you need to build some customers and trust is the biggest issue.

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