LEROU- World’s first finger simulated head massaging robot


Most of us feel burned out from stress and annoyance with our day to day work and problems and then it is hard to have quality sleep Which eventually causes a distressed mental state ultimately causing people to be inefficient at work. Massaging our head stimulates the production of “feel good” hormones.

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LEROU is the world’s first finger simulated head massaging robot which makes you feel cozy, relaxed, and sleepy.


Hence efficiently improving the quality of sleep.  It is designed in such a way that while using it, people tend to feel as if someone is massaging their head. The massager is quite light and convenient to use, you can carry it to your workplace too. LEROU Robot performs human massaging simulation techniques. People feel as if a professional masseur is massaging their temples. It is very simple to use, whenever you are feeling down all you need to do is put it in the right position and turn the device on LEROU will take care of the rest.

It uses a low-noise motor powered by a 450mAh battery which can run for 3 hours straight with a single recharge. The manufacturer also built it with high-quality material, they used high-quality PC+ABS material for the shell of LEROU. The massage head is made of excellent quality silicone. The steel ring is firm enough to keep the massager robot clamping force stable and cushioned so it is comfortable around. 

It can be used by every age group, it comes with an adjustable head ring so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. 

The magic of the LEROU is the super-soft finger-like tips that massage your temples, neck, or behind your ears. It’s a great way to get an automated message while you work, relax at home, or while traveling. The design of LEROU is futuristic, it will attract the attention of all the people around you.

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