Is Google planning to launch 'folding phone'?

Google phone

Folding phone is becoming a very trending and advanced concept in 2019

In coming years they might even become common among us. Companies like Oppo and Samsung are already planning to bring their folding smartphones and it is time for the “boss” to take a step into the game, a new patent by Google has revealed Google’s plan of launching a fordable smartphone soon.

The patent was first observed by some other company and it showed that the Google phone will have horizontal fold like Motorola folding phones.
Well we have already seen a lot of folding phones before the introduction of Android and they became everyone’s favourite, they had different screen and keypad but in 2019 that concept just looks so boring, let’s see if Google gives us a folding phone with 100% screen and no keypad. The patent also shows us some gap when its folded and this looks completely unusual or rather new.

Also, we would like to point out that it’s just a patent and it is not officially declared by Google so it does not necessarily mean that Google is going to launch a folding phone.

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