Huawei P30 pro camera beast takes out the Durability test

The Huawei P30 pro which is the flagship phone with a powerful camera of 48MP with super zoom feature go under the scanner and brave through Nelson’s standardised set of durability tests.IT survived the durability test at Moh level 6 or 7, which is the norm in flagship grade phones.

It is made of tempered glass which survived the large pressure and didn’t bend or flex. The metallic frame suffers cracks fairly easily. The back is also quite resistant to scratches, and even the protection over the camera lenses at the back is unaffected by heavy scratching with a blade

The display was lighted with fire and die out after 22 seconds under fire. It briefly stops working, but a reboot gets it back on track right away.
The display finger scratched with heavy scratch and tested but it works well even after the scratches.

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