This is one of the Best Travel Battery Packs with Magnets

This is one of the Best Travel Battery Packs with Magnets

In modern-day traveling normally, devices are normally a necessity. From phones to laptops, earplugs, and smartwatches. People often travel with lots of devices. And they all, at different points in time, are require to be charged. Wall and extension sockets mostly aren’t available while on the go. This is why travelers need a portable charger. The question becomes what portable charger you should pick.

Travelers reserve non-magnetic wireless power banks as something used only at the hotel. This is because moving around with them is inefficient. Constant movement between the surface of the non-magnetic wireless power bank and the surface of your phone causes friction. This overheats your phone. When the power bank is magnetic, this issue is gone. A magnetic wireless power bank wouldn’t slide around but rather would stay firmly in position. Another risk with walking around with a non-magnetic power bank is the chance of it slipping off your hand and falling. With a magnetic wireless power bank, this most likely wouldn’t happen. When choosing among the best travel battery packs you need to consider multiple features.

The Wireless and Magnetic Battery Pack-

Best travel battery packs

To receive the best charging experience while traveling, you’ll need a portable charger that is both magnetic and wireless. Meet the PRO battery pack. These travel battery packs are packed with 10 Ah of pure battery capacity. As a traveler, any capacity below this simply wouldn’t do. You need enough energy to charge your phone multiple times. Because you will be constantly using your GPS for navigation and your camera to take those amazing travel photos.
Traveling with a light battery pack is highly convenient. This is because you will be moving around a lot, and any extra weight makes a huge difference. The PRO battery pack weighs only 5.6 oz, which is lighter than the average smartphone. This makes it easy to carry even while attached to your phone.

Internal Magnet-

The internal magnet is the one that is already inside the battery pack. It magnetically snaps to any phone that also has magnets on it. It is compatible with the Magsafe magnets on iPhone 12 and above.

External Magnet-

Black Magnetic sticker Best travel battery packs

Phones without magnets will need an external magnetic plate to be stuck behind them. This works fine with Samsung, Lenovo, Google Pixel, and other android phones. The sticker is only about 55 mm in diameter, so it will fit on most smartphones. The magnetic sticker is normally stuck on your phone case or directly on your phone. Using this sticker helps turn any phone into Magsafe.

The main issue travelers face with cable power banks is the USB cable. No one wants to walk around with a thick wire attached to them. Also, the cable takes up space in your pocket and you’ll have to be watching over three objects; your phone, the power bank, and the cable. Plugging the USB cable into a wet phone can risk it getting damaged. A wireless power bank like the PRO battery pack helps you avoid this issue. You can charge fast and safely with this power bank, both wirelessly and through its USB type C connector. It has 15W wireless fast-charging and 20W wired fast-charging. You need not worry about overnight charging issues. What makes this travel gadget safe is its over-charge protection and over-discharge protection. So when you charge your phone to the maximum, it stops sending power into your phone. This protects your phone from over-charging.

Having two charging options gives you the ability to charge multiple devices at once. You could charge your Airpods wirelessly and iPhone 12 wired, at the same time. And the 10,000 mAh of this battery pack would make sure both devices are charged to the full. Switching on the battery pack is only one step. Just press the button that’s next to the USB connector. Once it’s on, it shows blue lights. When the battery is low, these lights are red. The number of lights on serves as an indicator of how much charge it has at that current time. To charge it, you simply plug the battery pack into any socket using a USB type C connector. These travel battery packs get charged at 15W. LuxandLuxy aims to make portable charging as convenient as clothing, for every traveler. The first steps are taken with this PRO battery pack. In the coming future, wireless technology will get faster and lighter. So more innovations will be expected from products like this.

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