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Apple’s Exciting New iPhone 11 or XR2 Design

Apple has decided to remodify the design of Apple XR2 or iPhone 11 and the new design is really eye-catching. The graphic designer Hasan Kaymak is back applying the same process to the heavily leaked iPhone XR2.

The news from the sources is that the company has turned the device into a more slicker and more colourful version of the iPhone XS design but with more attractive hardware. It includes three rear massive lenses dual camera. The device is missing one of the three lenses which means it avoids the extremely polarising design of its big brother. But the device is going to have the same price that of iPhone 11. But the bad news is that it still has a low-resolution LCD display instead of OLED display and thicker bezels. But this phone is going to be the best phone this year.

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