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Apple iPhone SE – The New Mid-Range Leader

Introduction iPhone SE:

Apple is one of the companies which has been leading the industry from the advent of smartphones, and their sector blew up when the i-phone 5 dropped, and this made the company go up and beyond.

Innovation or Re-brand:

There has been a very long discussion in the industry about the phone that how shall we take it because it is properties of a flagship in a body of i-phone 8. This is also a reason why people are saying it as a re-brand, but after some time, the tech industry seems to have taken this phone very positively because the internals and the camera are just excellent and is basically is a flagship in a body of I-phone 8.

Cost and specification iPhone SE:

To be very honest, people in this time people do not care about the iPhone SE specification because the only thing they want is a brand name and excellent service with a smooth experience. Apple tends to provide all such things also with the camera of a flagship, which is a big dealbreaker. There is no doubt about the processing of the phone because it is seamless and is better than any android phone now.

The part where they took the trophy is in the price. They kept it in the middle range, and this is a very aggressive move from apple, and now Apple has made things extremely difficult for other brands. Now, who can make a phone for $400 (in India for around 4500) and give the services like an apple.

Apple has crushed the market:

Now it is very safe to say that Apple has made it to the proper mid-range segment and now it’s a big problem for other companies in terms of sale, but we will talk about that very soon but before talking about that imagine a customer searching for a phone that is midrange and is fast has a great camera and is just the best. The options for him are One-plus and probably Samsung or some other midrange android.

Now while searching, the person finds a phone which is still in the budget but is an i-phone and has excellent performance and incomparable camera. He will straight go for the i-phone, there is no doubt about it.

Apple took up the game for other companies:

Now that in the foreseeable future, we can absolutely see apple really putting up a game with other companies and making them feel bad because this is a very bold move. Now what will happen is that other companies and brands will bring out great phones in the lower range, and we might be able to see many new superfast phones in a tiny price range.

Apple iPhone SE will be the most sold smartphone:

It is now very safe to predict that this phone which apple launched will be the most sold phone worldwide and is going to make some new records and also bring about a change in the smartphone industry where every manufacturer now competes Apple in this market, the straight-up giant.

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