What is the (IOT) internet of things?

What is the IOT

In simple words, Wikipedia defines the internet of things or IOT. As the concept of using the internet beyond its normal use in mobile devices and pc to use it in rather simple objects of day to day life. Electronics, internet and hardware (sensors) are connected together so that they could communicate with each other and put to use. Internet of things is vastly studied to achieve a time period. Where more objects are connected to the internet rather than people.

For consumers also the IoT is used in smart wearables, smart homes, smart vehicles and health monitoring devices. Not even in the cities, the internet of things is also used in agricultural purposes. Like irrigation and measuring the soil quality without even the presence of farmer. Even the irrigation is turned on by focusing on how much moisture is required by the soil so isn’t IOT an interesting topic?

And you guys will be amazed to know that the concept of the internet of things was first used in the year 1982. With the introduction of coke vending machine, yes exactly around the time when the internet was introduced.

This was a simple introduction to the internet of things, We hope it was informative. Thanks for reading.

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