What blogs you must read if you want to learn Forex or binary trading?

learn Forex or binary trading?

Forex market is a global marketplace for trading national currencies against one another usually for commerce, trading, or tourism. Forex markets lead to be the greatest and diverse liquid asset markets in the world. While binary options trading is a way of speculating on whether or not a specific result will occur. Because of just two possible outcomes, binary trading is preferred but in this trading scheme, you get all or nothing. You will only receive compensation if you predict correctly. 

Here is the list of blogs you must read if you want to learn Forex or binary trading: 

1. Investopedia 

Investopedia provides the best in class financial education and empowerment designed and updated by a group of expertise from product experts, developers, data scientists, and executives. This website is best for both beginners and skilled investors. They update their content regularly and provide the latest data about all kinds of investment. 

2. 7 Binary Options 

7 Binary options is the best blog when it comes to a source of information on binary options and forex trading. They provided a step by step guide just for beginners to understand everything about forex and binary investment. 

3. ForexLive.com 

ForexLive provides each news analysis and commentary, plus analysis on price movements. They update their calendar frequently and even look for all kinds of potential movements that can affect your gain. 

4. ForexTrade1 – The Ultimate Advisory 

ForexTrade1 will indefinitely help you learn everything you need to know, from simple to more extensive information about forex. You can learn about trading methods, Strategies, trading risks, and risk management. 

5. Binary Options Post 

Binary Options Post is a trading community. They openly share every kind of strategies, signals, trading ideas, and educational materials you need to know about. You can freely learn binary options trading from here.  


These blogs and websites will surely help you to learn everything you need to know about forex or binary trading. They are designed by the most experienced personalities in this field and they regularly update their content for the most competent content. 

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