Top Courses after 12th in India for Science, Arts, and Commerce

best courses after 12th in India for science, art and commerce

There is a very common question asked by every people to a student who recently passed his 12th class is “what you wanted to do after  12th.

But many students can’t be able to give the answer of this question due to less knowledge about higher courses offered by various institutes. In India there are various courses offered by various colleges, Universities and other Institutes. Few of them are specific to a particular area of work like after 12th if you choose to do your degree in B.Tech then you entered in a specific area called “engineering” . But some courses are not specific to a particular area like competitive exams like “IAS and IPS” etc.

There are various factors which can make you to choose a specific course like:

1.) If a course will offer a high value salary, then you definitely think about that course as it is about your future life.

2.) Parents dream also matters in the decision of course. Take it as a example” if yours parents wants to see you as a doctor. They will definitely force you to take doctor course”.

If you are in confusion in taking the course after 12th, then the following points will definitely help you to choose the course-

1.) Your aim is the major factor in deciding about the course you want to choose. You have to make your aim what you want to be in future after 12th. Took the course by which you achieve aim at the 1st preference of your list.

2.) Your interest also matters. If you took a course in which you are not interested, then it was like that you waste your time in that course as you are not interested in that course. Also you will not pay your full attention to that course.

3.) Make a analysis of various courses. Then make a list and write pros and cons of these courses and choose according to your choice.

If you are a science student there is two choices for you:

1.) Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics(PCM)

2.) Physics, Chemistry and Biology(PCB)

If you took PCM you can took the following course:

1.) You can do B.Tech (engineering)

2.) B.Sc. in  Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (any one).

3.) Integrated M.Sc. in Defence (Navy, Army, Airforce).

4.) Pilot courses.

5.) You can took course of Merchant Navy.

6.) Course of Aircraft maintenance engineering.

 7.) Engineering in naval architecture and ocean engineering.

8.) Courses of B.Arch and B.Desg Arch.

If you took PCB you can took the following courses:

1.) MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery).

2.) Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS).

3.) Bachelor of homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS).

4.) Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS).

5.) B.Sc. in various subjects- like Botany, Zoology, Nursing, Anthropology, Radiology, Dairy Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Home Science, Speech and Language Therapy, Rehabilitation Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medic Technology, Audiology and may others.

6.) Medical  Lab Technology.

7.) Nursing.

8.) M.Sc. (Integrated).

9.) Biotechnology.

If you took commerce in 12th you can take the following courses:

1.) B.Com

2.) Bachelor of Business Administration.

3.) Bachelor of Management Studies.

4.) Bachelor of Business Studies.

5.) BCA in IT and Software.

6.) Charted Accountancy.

7.) Company Secretary.

8.) Law.

If you took Arts you can take the following courses:

1.) B.A. in (History, English, Fine Arts, Geography, Sociology, Economics, Mass Communication etc.)

There are various courses that do not stream specific which are the following:

1.) Diploma in Retail Management, textile and Leather Designing, Human Resources, Banking, Company Secretaryship,  Marketing, Interior Designing, Entrepreneurship, Hotel Management, Tourism Management, etc.Bachelor in Foreign Language and Foreign Trade Management.

2.) Bachelor in Environmental Management.

3.) Air hostess.

4.) Anchoring.

5,) Animation film making.

6.) Animation master.

7.) Fashion Designing.

8.) Advanced Diploma in hair.

9.) Advanced Diploma in Multimedia.

10.) Diploma in VFX and Animation.

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