How to Start Freelancing from Smartphone

start freelancing from smartphone

Using the freelancing opportunity, you can work part-time and full-time to make additional income from it. There is a difference between freelancing and working on your own business. 

You provide services in freelancing. On the other hand, you do not sell any product in it. The startup cost in freelancing is less than in other businesses. 

Moreover, it depends on the field that you choose to start the freelancing business using your mobile. You can follow the simple tips that help start your freelancing career. These tips can help you to grow in your career too. 

1.) Choose an area of expertise to start your freelancing career-

If You want to start your freelancing career, then you can choose the area of expertise in which you want to make your career. For example, you are interested in the public relations field, then you opt to start your career in it. On the other hand, you can do freelance work in the entertainment industry too. You can choose to become an actress and model. 

2.)Advertise your skills

You need to start with the advertising thing to sustain as a freelancer in the future. Furthermore, you can make use of social media platforms to do the advertising of your work. Then, you can connect with the clients and get work from them. 

3.)Plan out your work-

In the freelancing business, it is essential to plan the work schedule. You should be able to diversify your income while working as a freelancer. In particular, the situation if the client stops making payments. Then, it would be best if you had different options available to you to earn money. You should remain productive and look out for clients regularly. You should stay in the freelancing industry for a long. 

4.)Accounting System Setup-

Once you get work from the clients, you should keep an accounting system to track the invoices for payment purposes. You should learn about your expenses so that you can deduct them yearly from your income. Therefore, you can manage your regular income by the way. Then, you can start with the financial planning to identify the time when you are busy with the work or not. Then, you will get an idea of the budget. After doing a careful analysis, you can save some money from your income too. 

5.)Tax Implications-

For the first year of the freelancing business, you need to prepare some taxation estimates. You decide to transform your freelancing work into full-time. Then, you have to start making the tax payment every quarter. You can conduct the business successfully. Then, you will able to make a good income and pay the taxes accordingly. 


It is not difficult to become a freelancer if you have expertise in a particular field. Furthermore, it would help if you remained proactive in the industry to get the clients accordingly. Create your work portfolio and then start with advertising of work. It can help you to become a successful freelancer in the future. 

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