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Hy Guys I am Shantanu and When my class 12th result showed up, my life totally changed. Yeah, I did not score well, I had always been a good student, but my result was speaking otherwise. Everything just became the opposite of what it once was. I wasn’t even eligible for IIT anymore and this was killing me from inside, at one point I became so negative that I started feeling that I am good for nothing. I always wanted to pursue “Computer Science”, but it felt like I was being taken away from my dream, and even the worst engineering colleges seem to reject me, I had no senior to ask , didn’t know a lot of things about colleges(later I came to know that there are a lot of good colleges that accept students even on low grades) but this wasn’t the end of my story.

Every year a lot of students just remain “unguided”, when it comes to choosing their “Computer science” career. What to choose? Btech. Or BSc. in computer science or BCA would be the best choice? All these questions remain unanswered till the end and we end up taking Btech. And furthermore, we don’t even know which trade to choose. Artificial Intelligence? Information Security? Big Data? Cloud Computing? IBM or Non- IBM? General or Specialised? Again all these questions remain unanswered and we end up choosing General CSE. After completing a year of our post-graduation we come to know about the real market requirements and all the options available to us, but it gets too late till that time.

That is why we decided to create Harpal News, to guide everyone regarding technology and this section was specially designed to guide students from the beginning, everything from their college life to their career is our sole responsibility.

What new things do the tech? Do geeks need to learn? What extra skills apart from college you need to acquire? What is your competition? What are other students studying? How to get our placement? How to start your own Start-Up? Everything will be answered here on Harpal News.

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We have named our organisation “Harpal News”, It's not just about News! It's about Knowledge. Our main motive is to provide the latest technological news.