How to get a job at AMAZON


I know the 12th standard was kind of too much horrible and you have done rigorous efforts to get a good percentage. But my friend let me tell you if you are choosing to be an engineer you are the coolest guy of all time. Do you know why, because you want to create something that is going to be beneficial for further mankind, to attain a revolution in a mankind and to execute that plan in your head you need some guts to do so. Don’t ever let your guts down you know you are confident on yourself that is the reason you’ve chosen engineering.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got IITs, NITs or any of them because college’s cannot stop you to land a good job. It is never dependent upon your college it is totally dependent upon your talent and your ability. If you’ve a deep knowledge of your stream and you are totally confident over it,”don’t worry “you are definitely getting a job, IN CAMPUS OR OUT OF CAMPUS.

In this post, we will talk about how to grab a job at not only at Amazon but also the other PRODUCT BASED COMPANIES like:

  • Microsoft Corporation.
  • Oracle.
  • Paypal.
  • Red Hat Software.
  • Salesforce.
  • SAP SE.

  • Don’t let your CGPA get down in any of the years trying to maintain it above 7.5 or 7.


C++, JAVA, PYTHON – These three languages are those over which the company will ask you the question. Mainly you are independent of languages and if you learn any language either C++ or JAVA you are eligible to face any interview of any company. And further, if they have the requirement of any other language in industry they will ask you to learn it while you are working in amazon as there are many kind of fields, so as per the requirement you would be asked to prepare in a certain time.

Basically companies ask questions and you are independent to give answers in any of the languages. But you must have little knowledge about all of these three.


The main key to get a good job is DS and ALGO if you are good at data structure and algorithm then no doubt you are going to crack not only amazon but also the top level companies.

Companies are going to judge your programming knowledge according to DATA STRUCTURE AND ALGORITHM questions. You can skip some other subjects but this subject is the parent subject or you could say the core one.

Make a habit of practicing real-life questions through this subject so that you get more and more strong and confident over your programming skill. The more stronger is your logical and programming ability the more package you are getting.

The same company could hire peoples for different packages as per the ability of the contestant. Like in your placement drives AMAZON had come so they basically come for different posts and the contestant which is more likely to be the fittest one for that post they hire accordingly.


After completing the above two steps you must jump upon competitive coding through which your knowledge is checked and the skills of thinking through data structure and algorithm gets polished.

These platforms have a bunch of good questions through which you could know about which topic you are lagging behind and you could work accordingly.

Some of the good platforms are given below:

Some of the most recommended book which is must for you if you are preparing for amazon or google kind of companies:


You must go through some of the basic theory subjects so that you could be able to answer the question if asked from these subjects. These are the subjects which are kind of necessary subjects whose knowledge an engineer should have.

  • Networking
  • System design
  • Testing


Before going for interview you must go through these sites so that all of the knowledge that you have gathered could be again recalled and recollected. These sites must be visited 2 months – 3 months before you go for the internship or for placement drives.

 Some good sites are given below:


1.) Criteria (CGPA)

According to which the students will be shortlisted take a safer side of more than 7  to 7.5 CGPA.

2.) MCQ Questions or Coding Round

Some questions are given to test students skills of aptitude or coding rounds.

3.) Technical round

In this, some of the questions are asked face to face this is kind of technical interview.

4.) HR round

In this round, HR could or could not ask you the questions related to your subjects it is totally dependent upon him.

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